How We Do It

We understand that every client has different needs. At MindPower Consulting, we tailor a solution for each of our clients based on their needs. Each solution we develop for our customers come from one of our many offerings. Our offerings include:

• Virtual Management
• Management Strategy
• Business Plans and Assessments
• Employee Development
• Marketing and Sales
• Legislative Consulting

Virtual Management Offerings

The right and experienced management team are important to every startup and growing company but not all companies can afford the cost of full time management. MindPower understands that the right virtual CEO can unlock the growth your company needs, the right virtual CTO can manage development of your idea, and the right virtual Sales Manager will help you close that deal. Virtual Sales and Customer Service can give your company valuable resources right when your company needs them. Why be handicapped by financial resources when you need the best talent.
  • Virtual CEO
  • Virtual CIO-CTO
  • Virtual Sales and Marketing Management
  • Virtual Sales Team
  • Virtual Customer Service
  • Virtual Product Trainers
  • Virtual HR Director

Management Strategies Offerings

Even with talented management, every company faces challenges that requires the right strategies. MindPower has a series of facilitated strategy sessions that can help our clients overcome even the most challenging issues. From C-Suite to Operations to HR, having the right strategy and a plan to execute it can push you past your competition. MindPower also knows how important Board Placement and Recruitment is to a company while growing or seeking new investment. WE can help you find the right person to meet your board needs.

  • C-Suite Strategy
  • Growth Strategy
  • Operations Strategy
  • HR/Employee Strategy
  • Investor Strategy
  • Investor Relations
  • Board Placement and Recruitment

Plans and Assessments Offerings

For your business to execute the right strategies, you need to know two things; how your company is doing and what are your plans going forward. MindPower uses assessments at all levels to help you know exactly where your company is at and where the gaps are in your current plans. When you know the gaps, you can plan for the future. Sales and Marketing plans provide you the road map for growing your business.
  • Operations Assessment
  • Sales Assessment
  • Company Foundation Assessments
  • Customer Support Assessment
  • Marketing Plan
  • Sales Plan

Employee Development Offerings

The heart of every company are its employees. MindPower knows how important your employees are and we have the right specialist to make sure you have them covered. Employee development, training, processes and policies are all things that every company need to keep their employees working smoothly. Sometimes, these business functions are the most overlooked by businesses but with the worse results. One great employee can make a company, one bad employee can break a company. But having the right HR processes and policies are the first start to making sure all your employees are great.

  • C-Suit Team Building Exercises
  • Employee Training
  • New Employee Training
  • Employee On-Boarding Process
  • Employee Team Building Exercises
  • Customer Service Training
  • Employee Manual Development
  • Employee Policy Audit

Marketing and Sales Offerings

At MindPower, we know how Marketing drives Sales. Our consultants have the marketing and technology expertise to help your company rebrand, develop the right marketing or ecommerce site from content to code development. Our expert designers have done logo and marketing rebrands for companies small and large for over 20 years. MindPower also creates printed marketing material and works with printers to get you the best printing prices. Lastly, we also have media consultants that specialize in radio and television.

  • Corporate Rebranding Implementations
  • Website Design and Development
  • Ecommerce Website Development
  • Logo Creation
  • Marketing Material Development
  • Marketing Content Development
  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Media Training

Legislative Consulting

Most businesses don’t understand how much government affects their business. Most business leaders think of politics as something that doesn't mix with business. At MindPower, we know how important government and politics is to every business and we help businesses navigate the political world to help grow your business and understand how government can positively or negatively affect your business.